Women Singles: 1st Lagos Governor’s South West Badminton Championship

The Women are taking no prisoner!

The Women are taking no prisoner!


The women singles gets into the thick of the action almost after the men singles takes a needed halt as they, in turn adds their lambent colour to the championship.

 And just like the men came out with the power, so does the women with the flair and elegance.

RESULT: Women Singles

  1. Zainab Afolabi (LG) W/O    Ilori Aminat (OG)
  2. Patricia Akpush (LG) 19-21/ 24-22/ 21-19 Omotola Felicia(OG)= 2-1
  3. Suliat Yekeen (OY) 12-21/ 17-21  Opeyemi Ojo(OD)= 0-2
  4. Yanu Olukayode(LG) 17-21/ 25-23/ 16-21 Asaba Bukola(OD)= 1-2
  5. Shade Akinyemi (LG) 10-21/ 9-21 Ilori Aminat(OG)= 0-2